Call for Papers

For those interested in children's theatre, the 18th International Children’s Theatre Festival in Subotica, Servia is doing a call for papers here, on the following subjects:
  • Postmodernism and children's theatre.
  • Puppet theatre as a contemporary narrative tool.
  • The problem of contemporary language in theatre arts for children.
  • Direct expression or electronic transmission?
  • Criticism of the exploited models as against schematic thinking.
  • The wisdom contained in the message for children.
If anyone is interested you've got until the end of this weekend to send applications.

SILVAE, by João Queiroz

A drawing/painting exhibition at Culturgest, Lisbon.
The most wonderful, painfully strong landscapes I have seen in a long, long time. For those who might be interested in getting lost in an idea of God.

Getting lost on SILVAE, by João Queiroz

A night look on SILVAE, by João Queiroz


The Bird Tower

Studies in towers - for a Babel of books



Exposição das Máquinas de Cena d' O Bando, Palmela

Up the hill and down the mound, scenic contraptions populate O Bando's land in Palmela. Ravished by wind, water and earth, they are the memory of the movement they once held. Beautiful to climb, while hearing the testimony of actors, director, scenographer and theatre critics.