Opera Bufa by O Bando

Two storylines: one that tells us of Dulcineia, the bride of D. Quixote, who travels the world looking for him, where the actors/dancers choreograph a cacophony of movements and the singers never touch the stage floor. The other, a story of people who can’t talk, puppets who are never left alone but for the few inter-scene pauses. The two stories interlace until D. Quixote’s found and Dulcineia is brought back to her hospital home. A play which takes inspiration from a mental hospital but is more lucid than most theatre I've seen on Lisbon's stages for a long while...

Cinderela at Montemor, Alentejo

Marionetas do Porto presented Cinderela at Montemor-o-Novo's modernist cine-theatre Curvo Semedo. This is a wonderfully magical universe, three actors, one of them a music player, relate to the puppets as friends, co-authors. Truly one of the most puppet theatre companies in Portugal. No one will ever forget the frantic Seven Dwarfs jumping on Cinderela's tummy! My sincere congrats to the Associação Alma d’Arame for their warm welcome.