Commuting 5

Out of focus: colours on speed.


Commuting 4

Colours! Lots of colours in the grey desert that is the A13.

SHAKESPEARE characters

Here's Iago.
On route to commit his horrid crime!


SHAKESPEARE characters

Today the morning was the darkest it has ever been.
Cold, wet wind and a slight rain mad it impossible to use my camera but reminded me of the gloomiest of all plays: the one that shan't be named inside a theatre, MACBETH.
Here's his lady.


Commuting 3


And fire...
Small signs of mother nature, lost in traffic.

SHAKESPEARE characters

Aparently Shakespeare can have quite a lot to do with traffic. The sheer violence of it, metal, rust and worn down texture; desperate people and loud music...
As such I'm starting a series of drawing ink sketches on Shakespeare villains.
A witch, for now!


Commuting 2

Bundles of textures everywhere I look!
I've seem to have opened Pandora's box...
But now people are starting to look at me when I use my camera, it seems craziness is only natural on the road, particularly in London.



Still commuting, faster this time but as surreal...



From this post on I'm posting a series of photographs on the "art of commuting" to work.
Every day, between 7.20am and sometimes 9.00am, I'm stopped in traffic on the A13, westbound into London. An average of 30mn to do 2 miles, where boredom has had me do the most unbelievable of things: from the traditional nail clipping to essay reading.
So, as my camera is my only passenger, here's what it's been seeing.
CALL FOR ARTISTS: if anyone suffers the same boredom everyday and has a knack for putting it into images or words, please don't hesitate to send them to me!


RICHARD II, a sketch for Spotlites Theatre Company, UK

An experience into digital scenography for Richard II. The trial and error process which is always theatre design, is made easier by being able to re-arrange space, time, lights and textures at a click of the keyboard. But somehow it feels like the distance between my thoughts and the work gets wider and wider.

CUT AND PASTE, by hand

A small model for a touring set of The Three Musketeers, Spotlites Theatre Company, UK. Black and white chess board where all the court intrigues are to take place.

I was browsing through my portfolio and found these:
pen on MDF, about Neil Gaiman's NEVERWHERE, 2007.
It's made me miss mesh drawing.
And there's his new book coming, which will hopefully fill my head with new images to draw.


Check out this link to my friend Stuart Nunn's interview on his latest adventure into opera. Fantastic piece of scenographic work!